A New Enemy by Abbie Walden

One of Abbie Walden’s beautiful musings accompanied by one of her equally lovely illustrations. Abbie is a reader, writer and illustrator dabbling in romantic fiction and blog posts. She hopes to develop her writing portfolio and tap back into her creativity.

Pandemics and dating.

Orange juice and toothpaste.

Bathtubs and toasters.

Pineapple on a pizza (controversial?) are one and the same.

2020, the year singletons were left floating backwards and forwards in a bizarre realm with only futile dating apps to keep steady.

How is it, that we, millennials – depressed, emotionally intelligent and diverse – are speaking up about human rights, sexism and homophobia? We are finding our way. We have adapted, evolved even, to a WORLDWIDE CATASTROPHE that is no doubt jeopardising the best part of our twenties. How on top of all of that, are we now being greeted with a new enemy to decipher?

‘How is lockdown treating you?’

We really did that. Not our proudest achievement admittedly. I, for one, would bask in the opportunity to ban that combination of words. All those in favour, say aye!

How? We all agree boob is too funny… tit is too aggressive… breast is too formal. We all share a mutual dehumanisation when chasing after a ping-pong ball. We are all united by the opinion that yeah sex is great, but have you ever seen a statue of a slave trader trip and fall into the very river where his ships used to dock? Once you reach the conclusion that we are not all that much different, the revelation that we are all human. We are all lost. We all seek a friend. Love. We are all chaotically making our way through our teeny tiny marvellously imperfect pathway of life together. Maybe then we can abolish ‘how is lockdown treating you?’    

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