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A Candle for Your Thoughts is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes. She describes the poem as a metaphor for giving more to other people rather than putting yourself first. In the poem, the speaker blows out six candles for somebody else and only leaves one for themselves. Ultimately it is an extended metaphor for caring more about others.

A Candle for Your Thoughts

The candles anticipated like it was the date of your birth,

But it was just another summer’s evening whilst your lips were pursed.

You swept your mane from the back of your neck,

Your hand touched your thigh then accompanied your lower leg.

A vision of stars kissed your eyelids as your observation went black,

The flames didn’t know what was coming, they were under attack.

You closed your eyes and wished for her as six of the candles went down.

As you approached the final flame, your face was painted with a frown.

One meagre spark remained, that lacked in size,

You only leave one flame for yourself, then question your wearied self-love like you’re surprised.

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  1. A very poignant poem Em like the metaphor.
    As usual very thoughtful and imaginative.


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