Poetry|Autumn is Just a Season

Autumn is Just a Season is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes.

Autumn is Just a Season

I studied the stars the night we said goodbye,

I still reminisce holding your hand in fall.

I’m bored, what else is there to do than fall in love with you every time that you call?

I turned a leaf despite autumn being my favourite season,

And soon your validation stopped taking up my life.

I tell my friends that everything happens for a reason.

But I need to hear that most in order to survive.

‘I adore you’ is what you’ll say to me on Valentine’s Day,

I love the way you love but you don’t love me.

‘It’s eight thirty and I’m thinking of you’ is what you’ll say,

You’ve changed now you’re different but not exactly new.

Now I’m sitting on my bed not knowing what to do.

You were like my favourite song playing on the radio,

Temporary happiness just waiting to go.

I can’t sleep now I’m too tired and the sun is too low,

I lost my dream catcher and all you say is ‘So?’

They tell me to do things that make me happy

But the only thing that made me happy was you,

I gave you something that I never had,

Now you’re not even happy and I’m not even sad.

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  1. Brilliant poem can’t wait to read more


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