Poetry|Burst by Emilie Ann Holmes

Burst is a poem about revisiting something in your past but it’s not how you remembered it, written by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes.


His silent night was followed by a shadow of white,

He smelled the cold and touched the presence of light.

He paced the chartered signs and began to turn right,

He put his hand in his pocket and was in for a fright.

He darted an eye of query at what he had just found,

Then pinched himself to acknowledge his feet on the ground.

A smirk was painted on his face and the streets he looked around,

No one was there; his emotion was the only sound.

He took it out of his pocket and observed the bubble gum,

He was struck with nostalgia; it was his from when he was young.

The gum used to be purple, green and sometimes blue,

But now it tasted something different but not exactly new.

Something he had once craved now made him feel indisposed,

The bubble had burst right beneath his nose.

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