Poetry|I Burnt My Tongue

I Burnt My Tongue is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes. Emilie describes this piece as a metaphor for jumping into something too soon and getting your hopes up. The poem first describes an idealised relationship but, when the picture is in full view, you realise things are not as perfect as they seem.

I Burnt My Tongue

I want it like we are stargazing into the future,

We watch the moon on the sodden grass.

It’s cold; she gives me her hand and her glove,

I want it where she stands on the left side of the path.

A love where our family doesn’t give us any wrath.

Where we watch the sun rise and set,

I shiver; she brushes the blanket over my knee.

We’re watching the same sky, but we just don’t know it yet.

I want it where she retrieves my forgotten keys,

A love where neither of us are scared of the seven seas.

I want it where red is my favourite and hers is green,

When we’re high before they wake up in the morning.

Everyone is looking at us, but we cannot be seen,

My mouth is sealed but far away she hears me sing,

A love where we don’t need a single thing.

I want it where we share elation with no words,

The music deafens them but all she hears is me.

I’m now drunk but she’s only on her third,

The sky is black but all I see is you.

A love where I count to three but you’re here a two.

I want it where she takes off my boots with no plea,

Where she finds lyrics on my head and on my feet.

Her whole album is named after me,

A love where she sings about me before we even meet.

We jump into the car with no plan at all,

The sun accompanies us along with our song.

I do something stupid; you know I’m just a fool,

The journey is short and sweet but they tell us we were far too long,

The drink was too hot; I drank it too soon,

And now it seems like I have burnt my tongue.

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