Poetry|The Guitar Lied to Me

The Guitar Lied to Me is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes. She describes the poem as about ‘how our imagination can sometimes be cruel to us because our dreams and ambitions are simple to think of, but when it comes to manifesting themselves into reality, it’s just not that easy.’

The Guitar Lied to Me

I strum my guitar into the night,

It blocks my hearing and my sight.

My mind is blank and I’m feeling numb,

The song I’m playing is pretty dumb.

My Mother’s in bed and so are you,

I’m starting to think I should be too.

My mind tells me there’s someone knocking at the door,

But isn’t everyone asleep on the floor?

I see my home open up only for you,

But it’s pretty late, it’s half past two.

I’m still playing guitar and praying for you,

‘I’m here’ I thought you said,

But I’m up here, stuck in my bed.

I retreat to where I think you are,

But there is no one; only a star.

The house is quiet; everyone’s asleep.

I am lying here; I don’t know what to do,

My guitar deceived me and so did you.

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