Apocalypse is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes. She describes it as an exploration of how overwhelming having feelings for someone can be.


The apocalypse in my head sparks an impulse in this very bed,

If only the chaos wasn’t created in my mind, but in the living,

Then looking at your stupid face wouldn’t make me so giving.

Because you watch me, watch my sealed lips though I have nothing to say,

And it haunts me, the vision of you taunts me as I shut my eyes and lay.

I simply want to be adored, but I’d rather be bored then endure admiration from anyone else but you,

Because I recognise you from a used, passing dream,

Though the visions fogged, I will start at the very seam.

I’m now soaked in that safe, sweet feeling you make from scratch,

So if you’re on the other side, please, please don’t undo the latch.

Now you’ve locked me up, please throw away the key,

Because what happens if I let these sweet visions escape and it’s only what I temporarily mean?

Or maybe I’m resistant because you won’t adhere to my sweetened tooth,

But I’d rather have a mouthful of cavities before I dare to move,

In all honesty I’d rather waste away my words than communicate with locked lips forever,

Something is the word, where did this something come from? Perhaps we’ll find out together.

I’ve been left to dry out for far too long, so should I soak up this feeling?

Because I’d rather drown than be left dehydrated and reeling.

I know you would never harm me, disarm me, just wrap your arms around me,

Feed my hunger and it won’t be long until you see,

That maybe it’s time to start walking straight, then chase every direction,

Because this pen creates my sweet envisions and it’s only you I have to mention.

Because you feel like the silent gaps in my favourite crawling songs,

Anticipating the next sound to bless me through whispered tongues.

How do I stop the apocalypse parading in my head?

Perhaps the show should continue with us in this very bed.

The truth is I only want to go home with you,

Your presence will silence these screaming thoughts too.

Because you already know me, yet there is a question for more,

So if you stay up late enough I will walk through that door.

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