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Caramel Girl is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes, who describes this poem as ‘about taking the time to observe the world, like stepping out for a while rather than living it.’

Caramel Girl

I’ll save this vision for a rainy day,

When the cat’s half awake in her feline slumber.

And when the radio has run out of songs to play,

When the telephone box has forgotten each and every stranger’s number.

That’s when I’ll tenderly unravel these memories in the latter part of the day.

The caramel girl escapes the echoes of the city,

She turns from the grey air and ash painted walkways.

But that’s the only place she can die slowly whilst feeling pretty,

Because if she can’t see their fear she’s stuck in the maze of reality,

Leaving would only take away her pain quickly.

I see my future in the girl crossing the tainted road turning left,

Her graduation robe hangs patiently on her sufficient hips.

Her eyes are glazed from the smoke, or perhaps from the gentle man she met?

Her slender fingers tease the cigarette on her parted lips.

But the traffic lights plot colours in her eyes timing her limited escape.

The bus gifts you an omniscient view of the surrounding city streets,

A glimpse of my future? Or perhaps my reality that travels slow like honey.

The radio repeats this song to entertain the watchers eyes and sodden minds.

Or perhaps a blinding distraction from the girl in the mirror all alone,

So I count the steps the world pulls upon my directed feet.

Has the caramel matured like the cheese they endured last Friday evening?

If it has it would have been from the wasted years far beneath her.

Because ‘happy new year’ was another excuse for her leaving,

And as the day passed she knew it would be anything but ‘happy’.

I’ll be sitting in that corner café,

Listening to Lana Del Ray.

Book under my nose and lipstick stains painted on my cup,

The time has stopped between tonight and today,

Because although we are only gifted with one I will make it one day.

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