Poetry|Elegy of Isolation

Elegy of Isolation is a poem written by Penny Ward. Penny is a writer with a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing and an MA in English Literature. She is a bibliophile, a narrator and an avid storyteller.

Elegy of Isolation

I have seen the best days of my life

Washed away like sand with the tide,

Time that has passed with painful haste,

As irretrievable as dust in the wind.

My mind spins with intrusive thought,

My chest a constant vice of anxiety

Clenched like a finger on the trigger of a gun.

I take pills to stem my sorrow, but it’s all for naught.

Still, each night my mind runs

So I take pills just to fall asleep.

When I try to write my pen runs dry,

And my tongue is too tied to speak.

I cannot find coherence amongst chaos,

My words fall, weak.

So I devour the words of my poetic precursors with greed.

The words of Donne, Elliot and Poe

Fill my ravaged soul, and distract from my woes.

But the words of Whitman give me pause,

Intrusive thought gives way to existential speculation,

My sorrow turns to excitement, anticipation and finally – inspiration.

My pen flows with new articulation,

My tongue unfurls, untied – a liberation.

The play of life will go on, as Whitman decreed,

My humble contribution – a verse.

This poem is written by Penny Ward

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