Poetry|Fractured Park Time

Fractured Park Time is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes.

Fractured Park Time

With every passing person there isn’t a mark of vulnerability or victory,

There are distinct lines engraved in their skin to whisper the truth.

But who knows what’s honest if they won’t admit to themselves their own story,

The scales can’t weigh up the goodness in the kind or uncouth.

It’s up to you and your own judgement of their passing air,

So stop the prejudice and simply stand and stare.

The chance won’t come again to tell them who you truly are,

As everything changes before it’s even under the light of the sun.

It’s funny as you may never intertwine yet you wish upon the same star,

The fractured question is: is everybody something to everyone?

Open your mouth although you may not speak,

Hold on tight through the white washed week.

Do as you say or you won’t be told,

That’s what they say until you’re dead not when you’re old.

The weeks will pass, the days even quicker,

Look in the mirror and remember your skin is thicker.

Because although our images alter depending on your light view,

It’s never too late to embrace new.

Even if you decide to stop or go say hello to the dove on the side of the street,

And smile to every single stranger that you meet.

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