Poetry|Honey and Glass

Honey and Glass is a poem written by Tahys Rodriguez. Tahys is a theatre maker and poet based in Brighton. She aims to create work that people can relate to, as words and storytelling are the most human experience.

Honey and Glass

The girl made from honey and glass

Living life like an unfinished painting

The hair that shines

Eyes that sparkle

Skin that looks like the sun was poured onto her

That sweet smile

A saccharine scene

Glazed sheen

She leaves the taste of warmth and burnt sugar on your lips

She leaves you wanting more

Craving her sweetness

Her perfection

You long to drown in honey

But that’s the thing with glass

Touch her too hard and she will shatter

Fragility and femininity

Splintering into pieces

The sugar turns to ash

The warmth grows cold

All that’s left is embers of amber

And walking across fragmented glass and tar-like honey

The girl you so longed for is nothing more than a carcass of broken glass

Where the flies make their home

Your disillusion with this flawed illusion

Your misconception of perfect perception

Girls made from honey and glass are not real

The glass breaks

The honey congeals

Your heart aches

Keep chasing glass-like perfection that drips in sweetness

Your dream induced sugar overload

I am not made of honey and glass

I don’t have a perfect complexion

I lack perfection

But I exist in reality

I will be strong


Impossible to break

Keep your girl made from honey and glass

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