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Leather Face is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes. She describes it as a poem about ‘how getting to know somebody can sometimes be hard, you have to soften the edges.’

Leather Face

You’ve got a leather face and a leather heart,

I tried to soften you from the very start.

You used to sit still and watch the passing air,

Whilst I’m sat up there, not still, but I stare.

Your red eyes must have tinted my view,

But mine were matching, though that’s nothing new.

The ladybird’s attack told me ‘not to hang around’,

So the strumming outback was my green-light sound!

The sigh at the burn of my slender tips,

Scolds my heart and your very lips.

But the led pushes down as I release this entrapment,

As I wither upwards to deliver this deceiving sensation.

You were like the demon lover, though I had nothing to love,

Not even a fraction of your half-hisses were enough.

I’ll suck out your venom as waiting will only soak up time,

Once you’re completely drained out, will I be fine?

I don’t think your leather face ever softens at touch, play or fuss,

Was it the pleasure in the pain? Or the despair in the tenderness?

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