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Liberty Systems is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes. She describes this poem as being about indecisiveness, regarding personal relationships and the effect this can have on you and the people around you.

Liberty Systems

You told me that it wasn’t my fault,

My friends don’t like what you taught.

I fell out with them and myself that night,

I told you once, you listened twice.

But I don’t think that you heard me right,

I said I’ll pay for you with my heart.

You said I’m not worth a single star,

You took my hand from out of the dark.

I don’t know why this felt so new,

Because you weren’t even him from the start.

You care; whilst I’m pretending I do,

Today you didn’t even want me there.

You watched me as I slipped away,

No paper passed; I couldn’t stay.

So far down the road I go,

But it wasn’t even you that I told.

I’m still sleeping here all alone,

I wish someone would stay,

But you know I prefer being on my own,

Today I’m not so sure.

I’m forever stuck in this church,

In the day I don’t see you lurk.

I don’t think you heard me right,

In fact, I don’t think you heard me at all.

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