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Love Letter is a poem by Tahys Rodriguez. Tahys is a theatre maker and poet based in Brighton. She aims to create work that people can relate to, as words and storytelling are the most human experience.

Love Letter

I love people who order a coke and call it full fat coke

I love rain after a hot day

I love the smell of rain

I love the fact the smell of rain has a name




The dictionary of obscure sorrows

I love these feelings that we thought were nameless have finally been named

I love making you smile

Properly smile so it radiates to your eyes and it warms my soul

I love pulling faces at babies in prams and how they giggle

All whilst their parent is blissfully unaware of your silly exchange

I love how the smell of you lingers on your side of the bed long after you’ve left for work

I love empty trains

The taste of that first sip of coffee in the morning

The sound of a record before it starts to play

Rediscovering old songs together

The hum of a lighting board

The collective sigh of an audience

I love who I am on a Tuesday afternoon because of you

I love daisies growing in the cracks of concrete

An abundance of love that flows freely

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