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Lover’s Song is a poem written by Libby Foot. Libby is a fiction writer and postgraduate English student based in Bristol. She mainly writes poetry and short stories, but also enjoys branching out into non-fiction. Much of her writing concerns the natural world, the passage of time and the instability of identity.

Lover’s Song

I love you as the seabed loves the sinking ships.

As the lido loves the toes that dip,

And as the lightening loves the tree that splits.

As the cave loves the cloud of bats,

And as the cartographer loves the unmapped lands,

And as the trapeze loves the acrobat.

As the winter boot love the frozen toes,

As the archer loves the leaping doe,

As the cough loves the crook of the elbow.

As the ivy loves the crumbling stone,

And the salmon loves to swim back home,

And the archaeologist loves the buried bone.

As the blister loves the tender heel,

As the swimmer loves the electric eel,

And as the seer loves the bleak tea leaves.

As the baby loves the mother’s hush

And as the gambler loves the royal flush,

And as the West loves the gold rush.

As the fine china loves the tiled floor,

And the winds love the empty moor,

And as the little finger loves the gap in the door.

As the last train loves to be late,

And the sole of the foot loves the broken plate,

And the string holding the pearls loves to break.

As the bus doors love to close in your face,

And as the hand loves the path of the swift ice skate,

And as lovers love to get away.

So I have to love you, and then

Get out of my bed –

And get on with my day.

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