Poetry|Mask of Today

Mask of Today is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes.

Mask of Today

When the wings have been broken off your back and the gold has gone to dusk,

Smile just before you cry and your tears will turn to dust.

Are you the fluttering light in the darkened room?

Or the muted spark that will set off soon?

The divine will taunt you whether by ear or heart,

Then what goes on will be the very start.

It could be blue, green, turning pink or yellow,

And when you flutter around you can say goodbye with your hello.

Do you dance to be around them or dance to keep on moving?

Calm yourself because to others you’re just soothing.

Apply comprehension gently to yourself before the others,

Because even if you destroy their nightmares you won’t dream of lovers.

You can use your waist, spine and curves to fault the former eye,

But if you swing your hips 24/7 isn’t this just a lie?

Draw colour from the tainted glass to keep your thirst dry,

But you’re not supposed to be the angel that wipes the tears they cry.

When you close your eyes what do you want to see?

The darkness that you ignite or the lighter version you thrive to be?

Do you ward off the demon lover or are you being sent away from yourself?

Or perhaps the mask of today is too dull and you’ll paint another in peace,

And create a new face into the day that you seize.

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