Today, another star returned to her resting place in the galaxy 

Now I sit, writing to capture the beauty that was our fair lady 

Her life short, bittersweet. Around but for a minute or two, and in that time did she burn brightly too. 

Her soul as pure as the waters of a summer spring 

And in her was a voice that loved to sing 

The heavens, her home did she love to praise 

To her home were her eyes and heart always raised, she loved it with her every being. 

No wonder she glowed so gorgeously  

No wonder she loved so powerfully 

My heart, will never forget this star, from her my mind is never apart 

I remember her skin, a brown skinned angel made from clay tar and to the clay ground did that skin return. 

Her sheen, the rumbling sound of that sewing machine. These are the pictures my memories see. 

The thoughts I will forever keep even when the images due to age escape. 

The pain of her loss still cuts so deep, sometimes I still find it hard to sleep. 

But I have to be okay now, I have to remember only the good now, cause far above the skies does she rest. 

The tears don’t fall any less, nor does the sadness we all had to address. For us it’s a forever unrest. 

I refuse for your memory to be scarred in regret. So, I promise at last — your heart, I will never forget. 

From your family this is our only wish, our own form of bliss. 

That your soul remains in everlasting peace. 

ELI is an 18-year-old-writer who loves exploring different genres from poetry to short stories. ELI feels that she sees stories around her and is obliged to put them down.

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