Poetry|Monday by Emilie Ann Holmes

Monday is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes. She describes it as ‘the most personal poem I have written. The speaker is talking to themselves, however, I think it’s mostly everything I wish I was told from another perspective.’


I’m ready; I’m ready for the sun to sweep me off my feet,

And for the dazed fragrances and tastes to meet.

I’m ready for that clean safe feeling chained to my bed,

And the tenderness I feel towards myself in my head,

It’s late but tomorrow is always a new day,

I know even though I continue to grow,

I also continue to say ‘tomorrow is there to put the nail in the coffin’

Soon I promise the days will be up and the nights shall fall,

And I shall commit my final sin,

And with that I shall rest and I shall win.

It’s soon I feel in my fingertips,

I even felt it in the kiss of every stranger’s lips,

It’s getting louder and louder, I think it’s here to stay,

So I think it’s time to stop pushing it away,

I want it, I need it, it’s coming into reach,

I just need to practice what I continue to preach,

Because, my darling, there’s so much ahead on the road for you,

And I know you can do it, I have faith in you too,

So slowly but surely ease back into the ways you were,

More than the past, more than the present but the future that you fear,

But darling there’s so much more to life, dear,

Don’t think of yesterday, today but think of tomorrow waiting for you,

You’re growing and growing and everybody loves you,

It’s okay you’re forgiven!

The grass welcomes your feet,

And in tomorrow think of all the adventures you’ll meet…

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