Poetry|New Blue Jeans

New Blue Jeans is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes.

New Blue Jeans

The offer of dry land remains but I’d never give up the chance for the sea to swallow me up.

Because even though they softened my cheeks, I remain pardoning the cunning kind,

So what’s the use in stroking the leather only for someone else to find?

You’re like a new pair of blue jeans,

Fourth, fifth, sixth time around and none were a better fit.

Soar throats from my bleached oaths at quarter to nine,

Escape my timeless breaths at the creation of you I lit.

But I’m a Times New Roman kind of girl,

What else did you expect?

Than for me to analyse the pages in the book before we met.

I’m now escaping the city like someone soaked in love,

Because our silent talk and playful busy smoke outweighs the sonnet from the dove.

Because books were read with eyes wide shut,

Now the words on the pages burn my painted view,

They offer something vibrant and tempt something new.

Now I’m sending love to the oldness in the tender gestures of the youth.

I want to wear you entirely, I’ll even sleep in the denim until you fray.

Because washing you isn’t my priority,

And I’ll only destroy my old pair if you continue to stay.

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