Poetry|One of the Hundreds

One of the Hundreds is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes.

One of the Hundreds

Smoke in the trees and breath in the air,

I will simply act like I do not care.

Because tomorrow will come and the sun shall rise,

Just like the ocean will remember to bring in the tide.

Forgetting is rich because you never remember the lyrics I sing,

But it’s okay because nostalgia will synthesis the rhythm that I play.

The drums stop beating, but don’t worry my heart will too,

Because I will ultimately learn to go on without you.

The nights will darken and the days will light,

But even in the evening I don’t want you by my side.

Because as the sun awakes me and it’s a new day,

I need to get up and forget where you once lay.

Maybe the wings on the dragonfly will tell the tale,

Or the wind will set our story a sail.

Because I know in my heart, life is full of wonders,

And you were just simply one of the hundreds.

But this doesn’t mean that I don’t love you so,

But I have to leave and I wish you luck as we continue to grow.

So goodbye to your kind eyes, but mostly the sorrow,

And maybe just maybe we’ll see eye to eye tomorrow.

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