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Roll On Zero is a poem by Julia Mary. Julia is a Drama graduate from Portsmouth and all round creative dabbler, at the current time, as theatre is now the least accessible way she can express herself. She describes this poem as about being overcome by anxiety before even waking up in the morning.

Content Warning: This poem deals with the difficult subject of anxiety, and contains description relating to death and capital punishment. At Bits Bobs & Books, we recognise the importance of casting light on difficult subjects. We hope that we can work towards a better future through frank, honest and open discussion.

Roll On Zero

Eyelids barely opened,

Heavily secreted, the death row sandman

overworked his shift last night.

And yet the mind’s eye is overcome by a throbbing  jolt.

Thoughts punish me. But my body is wooden,

Strapped down at the feet and wrists. 

Every idea. Good, bad and in between

Generating a current war. One by one they roll on

One, roll on two, roll on three, roll on four.

Abstain from thinking, anticipating or creating scenarios.

Easier said than done. 

Already the day has turned into an unmanageable, barbed maze. 

Recoil and freeze into the mattress. Your thoughts ‘will now be passed into your body until you are dead.’

When the pain passes, obligations roll on zero.

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