Starting October with the poem September by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes. Emilie describes this poem as being about how change can be beneficial. Instead of revisiting your past self, you are becoming an even better version of yourself, if you take the time to look around for a while and step away from the hardships in society.


‘Happiness runs in a circular motion’ I think that’s what the crow told me,

Although they stood there on the dried up land, the tenacity in their eyes was clear to see.

Because the sun solidified the river but it also melted my heart,

And liquidised the ice between today and tomorrow, just like the very start.

Change can be as hot as ice and as cool as fire but it’s the resistance that you don’t need,

Because although the yellow petals are withered and decayed, it’s never too late to plant a new seed.

Although the water is still, another river runs like the happiness through my fingertips,

So don’t forget to feel, think and endure the sunlight caressing your lips.

Change is inevitable but you yourself can unconsciously prolong the purgatory,

Because cold whispers can freeze our bodies to resist letting go of your former territory.

It’s hard to admit when the party is over or when the bonfire has nothing left to burn,

Besides the reminiscence on the past but don’t burn that you need to learn!

So when the last cigarette is there left to smoke,

Say goodbye with pursed lips and you’ll become a richer man although you’re broke.

Because who knew that the sun could shine through the falling leaves,

Well you did but that cold hard winter made you deceive!

So hold tight and look around because there is a sun in September,

Even close your eyes, it’s not that hard to remember!

Everybody is a part of everything you see,

It’s not left to you, them, her or he.

Because feelings fall in a circular motion just like the howling leaves,

So say goodbye to the past and endure the present,

The gift is yours so look around,

You might even be pleasantly surprised with the sight, smell and sound.

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