Poetry|Steady Overload

Steady Overload is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes. 

Steady Overload

Laziness is subjective when it comes to the eye of the future,

I follow the sun yet they tell me to sleep with the moon.

It’s an overload when you feel as though you’ve got to get out of your mind and structure.

But who would bash their head then feel the tranquillity overload soon?

It’s hard to say what’s right and wrong when nothing is black and white,

But why would I want the dullest colours to fill my sight?

I endure red, yellows and green when I’m absorbed with the thoughts in my head,

But I prefer the purples and pinks when I lay with the thought of you in my bed,

The adrenaline of the future is being rolled up in the heart of today,

But wind down the image before you watch the passing day,

Draw colour into your life along with feelings, thoughts and mind

It’s alright to be visual but on the Thursday don’t be blind,

Undress your back, take off your shoes too and who knows what you might find?

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