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The Boy Who Cried Wolf is a poem written by Tahys Rodriguez. Tahys is a theatre maker and poet based in Brighton. She aims to create work that people can relate to, as words and storytelling are the most human experience.

Content Warning: This poem deals with the subject of rape which may be upsetting for some readers, and so reader discretion is advised. At Bits Bobs & Books, we recognise the importance of casting light on difficult subjects and giving a voice to the voiceless. We hope that we can work towards a better future through frank, honest and open discussion.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The girl who cried rape

But they believed him

Because the day the flock were eaten they had no choice

Hard Evidence

But what does it take for rape victims to be believed

To not be asked what they were wearing

If they were drunk

If they encouraged it or entertained it in any fucking way possible

If they even looked at him for a second too long



Miscommunication they say

That trips into regulations and integrations

Where victims feel like they committed the crime

When their underwear is used in a court of law against them

Rules are different for little boys and girls so why should that change once they are all grown up

That boys learn and get to grow from their lies

Whilst girls are just liars and ruining lives

That girls grow to hate their own bodies and wish to peel their skin off because they have been marked by someone else

By someone they did not welcome

Nor did they want

When I walk home with a key in my hand

Heart beating that it rings out in my ears

Calling a friend on the walk home

Walking fast head down.

Making myself so small I might disappear into the night

When I tell a man about these little ways I protect myself he laughs and shakes his head

I tell a woman and she adds to the collection

She adds to the story

When the little boy cried wolf it became a lesson

A fable

A story we tell to make society seem more stable

When a girl says rape

It’s easier to think she’s crying wolf than to actually believe her

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