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The Crow is a poem written by ELI. ELI is an eighteen-year-old who loves exploring different genres from poetry to short stories. ELI feels that she sees stories around her and is obliged to put them down.

The Crow

Here I sit, in the shadow of the little black crow

Back and forth here, from today till the morrow

Eyes almost as black, skin greying like ash

I wait, and hope for the last and final lash

My rare comfort I find in knowing I’ll be soon swallowed in the cast of your shadow

Oh, wait sweet crow, hold on for a minute would you

Till I finish everything I ought to do?

Or will your mercy be sweet and fast

Like the forgotten memory of my first lover’s kiss

Oh, I had hoped the remembrance would last

So, will this be my bliss?

No tears now, it’s you and I now

We both know, we both expect the entrance to the eternal abyss

Oh, I hope the honey gold steps you’ll lead me on the morrow

Not the bright hot flames I seem to see, the one that never stops to grow

My soul, I hold on to finding your mate in his soulless grip

A sense of surety I beg, would you provide?

A sense of knowing before the final leap

To send my soul to sleep and my acts to reap

No matter, the silver ladder, or the brimstone steps, with you the final decision I rest.

I await to be in your presence again,

To bask in the warmth of your heat.

The finality of this moment do I hold on to.

The everlasting eternity, just a step from my seat.

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