Poetry|The Hare and the Fox, Pt. 2

A sequel poem to student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes’ work about forming a friendship with someone unexpected.

The Hare and the Fox, Pt. 2

The double rainbow promised me a pot of gold,

And even the moonlight offered me a midnight smile.

The sun set out an array of exploit but now it’s all gone and done,

Because the thunder came with lightning and the days gone to dusk.

And the rain soaked the sweet fragrance with musk.

And now the fox in the burrow won’t even hide from me,

And the dandelion will not drift to the sea.

And if I’m being honest the crops aren’t even dying in the winter,

And the bonfire won’t burn, I am just left with this splinter!

The hay didn’t glow gold in the morning light,

And the harvest didn’t dance with the moon in the night.

But the violin did play in the garden and the birds did sing,

Though their chorus dim and the rhythm flat and thin.

The mosquito didn’t even bear my naked legs,

But the sting bit the thoughts in my head.

The clock strikes but I’m still stuck at three,

Perhaps I should sleep but even my bed doesn’t welcome me.

And I’ve got the urge for going but to stay is where I’m stuck,

So my hands dry up and they cradle the wind.

Children go to school but I do not have an education,

The train goes backwards but forwards is where I’m planning.

Now the leaves have browned but did you ever really see the green?

It’s alright, it’s okay the weather was never really mean!

He’s right, you’re married which just proves you’re my best friend,

Because the numbers in my dreams tell me I’m potentially worthy of luck.

Right now the path is thin and narrow in sight,

But the road is ultimately long? And with you I live by that.

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