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The Piper is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes. Emilie describes the poem as being about how the grass is never greener on the other side; the piper doesn’t know how much joy the pipe brought to him until it was too late.

The Piper

He played the pipe for no one to hear,

Soon it started playing itself; the man disappeared.

The pipe became debilitated, lonely and old,

But the man couldn’t play; his fingers were simply too cold.

It lay alone yearning for touch,

The only sound was its aging and that wasn’t much.

The man walked away from the pipe and turned his back,

It was the most beautiful thing when they played, but it was courage the man lacked.

The pipe heard him play, drums, guitar and even the tambourine,

It screamed and it shouted but the piper’s best thing could not be seen.

He formed a band that deafened the pipes home,

All these instruments weren’t right but he simply didn’t want to be alone.

The piper came back for one final play,

But the pipe was joyous; he thought the man was here to stay.

When they played together the room was filled with infantile delight,

Even the man began to realise everything was alright.

But his hands grew tired, as they always do,

The man heard something in the other room, something new.

He approached a piano, all dapper and bright,

But as he opened the lid, even the keys weren’t right.

He returned to his pipe feeling dull and desperate,

But somebody else was playing the pipe with pride.

Their tune was jolly and filled with elation,

The former piper stood there regretting his decision with agitation.

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