Poetry|The Slipping Veil Over Yesterday

The Slipping Veil Over Yesterday is a poem by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes. She describes the poem as being about ‘coming to terms with not being able to change the past.’ The metaphor ‘slipping veil’ implies that although the memory or person is presently parted from you, it’s not completely gone as it slowly reveals itself once again, just like your memories or even physical changes in the future.

The Slipping Veil Over Yesterday

You’ve never met this person and nor have I,

Perhaps I’ll truly see you one day; I don’t know when.

They tell me they see you, but that’s a lie,

I shall wait, watch and ward off the mirror until then.

‘You’re half way there,’ that’s what they say,

I saw your face, is that not enough?

I touched you in the night, but not in the day,

I want to feel your blood but your skin is too tough.

It’s not what you did it’s what you didn’t speak,

It’s not what I did; it’s what I didn’t say.

I put a white sheet over our embrace and went to bed,

I drown my head with distant thoughts in the bed that I lay.

Goodnight thoughts mind and play,

The truth is beneath me; it’s buried with you.

They’re right ‘tomorrow is a new day’

I love you, perhaps one day you’ll love yourself too.

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