Poetry|Vice by Tahys Rodriguez

Vice is a poem by Tahys Rodriguez. Tahys is a theatre maker and poet based in Brighton. She aims to create work that people can relate to, as words and storytelling are the most human experience.


It feels like there is a hand around my heart 

That the grip tightens more and more

Until I can’t breathe 

Until I’m left heaving

Gasping for the last breath on earth 

My darling 

How can you make everything so right and so very wrong

This iron-clad grip that is so strong 

It clamps down 

My own personal shackles 

If you were to throw me in a lake I’d drown

Imprisoned by your loveliness 

Perhaps my love for you I can confess

when I’m at the bottom of this lake cold and motionless

You are the heavy hand around my heart 

But also the light that makes all darkness depart 

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