WOMXN is a poem by Tahys Rodriguez. Tahys is a theatre maker and poet based in Brighton. She aims to create work that people can relate to, as words and storytelling are the most human experience.


She wore her smile like a loaded gun

Ready to spit bullets and splinter the silence

A loaded smile built from generations of hate

For centuries womxn have been called names

From witch to bitch

We are womxn

No longer condemned to silence

Our bones are fused together by stardust

This history of strength coursing through our veins

From the bra-burning, nipple freeing, sexually free

To the poets and painters

The hell-raising activists

The brick throwers

The ones who found their voice

The firmly seated

The collar wearing ‘I dissent’

My radicals

My rebels

My womxn

We are the daughters of the witches they couldn’t burn

We rise from the ashes of Joan of Arc

We rewrite womxn back into history

Finally giving ‘Anon’ a name

We are an alchemical amalgamation of trailblazers

Spit your bullets

Occupy space

Fill the silence

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