Short Story|Christine

Christine is a short story written by student and aspiring writer Emilie Ann Holmes.

The moisture from the garden sprinklers numbed the sting from her bleeding head. Mary always took pride in her overwhelming gut sense, but on Saturday it had failed her. She would have never dreamt that this would happen.

It was finally the weekend, she thought as she lounged in the passenger seat of her brother’s car. He questioned her red lips and the cloud of perfume caressing her but she obviously couldn’t tell him the true reasoning behind it. Mary reassured her brother that she was ‘ordering pizza with her friends’, however, she had never actually met Christine before. She met her online; they had been talking for months. Mary was captivated by Christine’s bold remarks and now that she finally finished her assignments, today was the day to officially meet the girl she believed she could fall madly in love with. They arrived. Mary goggled over the exterior of a fine Georgian house. She wasn’t nervous.

Christine approached her as her brother drove off. They welcomed one another with a hug which felt foreign to Mary. Christine’s slender nose also acknowledged Mary’s fog of perfume as she sniffed when Mary pulled away from her. They said goodbye to the sun as they entered her house. Mary followed the delicate footsteps of Christine’s willowy figure. The captivation of Christine’s red hair made it easy for Mary to follow her inside.

To her surprise, another face accompanied her along with Christine’s sultry features. A carved male, who appeared a few years older according to his facial hair, forced a smile.

‘This is Billy; he’s in my band too.’ Christine spoke in a slightly arrogant tone.

Mary swore she saw a sneer painted on Christine’s lips. Billy gave a mere nod of his head directed to Mary. The following hour slipped through her fingers. Mary merely remembered the overbearing stench of cigarettes and spilled beer. She had never been accessible to an unlimited supply of alcohol before, she assumed this was the reason for her slight headache and dazed senses. She took hold of the arm of the sofa, in order to support her stance. She stood up to the blast of a rock song she didn’t know the lyrics to. Mary needed a moment. She accompanied Christine outside as she finished her pack of cigarettes. Christine questioned Mary’s disorientation but she shrugged off the query.

Mary spoke ‘I’m fine’ in a tone of nonchalance.

Christine towered over her and gave a token of reassurance through the form of a smile.

‘I think Billy approves of you.’ She said playfully with a wide grin.

As Christine held Mary’s face, Mary gave a look of hopefulness in return. Christine lowered herself and kissed her as she tucked strands of hair behind Mary’s left ear. Mary felt better.

‘You go in, I’ll be back in a minute.’ Christine pointed to the door that they came out of.

Mary smirked to herself as she approached the doorway. But she didn’t make it inside. Mary was on the floor. Her head drew a vast amount of blood. Billy had met her halfway and pummelled her hairline with the weight of an amplifier. He left her bleeding. Why? She awoke as her body pounded in the wind like a throbbing heart.

Mary crawled amongst the wet of the grass. The sprinkler smeared the blood across her body which now coordinated with her lips. She couldn’t walk; she lay in the midst of the cold, wishing on the moon.

Mary heard her name catching on the wind; she gathered that it was a curse, due to her loss of blood. But she heard it again and it got closer. It was Christine. She darted to Mary like a moth to light. Christine held her in a nurturing position.

‘It was Billy, he came out of nowhere.’ Mary revealed.

Then Christine assured her that he had just left. However, they remained in a swamp of confusion as to why he would pursue Mary. Christine placed Mary’s arm over her own shoulder and supported her movement. They came to the conclusion it was probably wise to get Mary medical attention.

She slid into Christine’s car as the warmth of the vehicle’s heating toasted her bitter body. The roads were ice and dull but the moon pulsated the night. Mary wanted her bed, although she thought she was currently sleeping anyway. Christine placed her hand on Mary’s thigh and displayed an expression of remorse.

‘I’m sorry,’ fell out of her mouth.

Mary felt somewhat balanced in the comfort of her.

But concern soon arose in Mary’s cheeks as her pink complexion turned blue. The car came to a halt. It appeared that Christine looked just as sceptical as she did. The help of light seemed beneficial but they were alone in darkness, not even a lamppost could save them now. Christine lunged out of the car and peered around the back. She was gone for an extensive amount of time. Finally, she came back as she alarmingly entered the car in a calm sense. Mary questioned her tranquillity but Christine shut her up mid-sentence with her lips.

‘Don’t worry.’ Christine faintly whispered.

Mary was surprised by her lack of anxiety due to being stranded. But the situation, in fact, delighted her. Christine touched Mary’s neck. Mary let out a secret smile. Christine applied pressure to Mary’s skin, maybe too much. She couldn’t breathe. Mary screeched ‘stop’ but no words came out.

Her body flailed in an act of dismissal. Mary was still. Her lifeless body lay on the dashboard of the car. She was dead. The sun began to rise as Christine drove back to her house, she grinned like the Cheshire cat. Even though Mary’s soul had left her body, one question remained to haunt her, why?

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